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Six asymmetrical factions fight for control of ancient relics on the planet Ryh!

Circadians: Chaos Order is a competitive, conflict-ridden area control game with asymmetrical factions. Each faction has its own leaders and attributes, buildings and victory conditions. This condition is in addition to the overall victory condition of controlling all remaining relics on the map. Over the course of up to 6 turns, players will research, construct buildings, and harvest resources. They will also recruit and move units, with the goal of capturing ancient relics, controlling regions vital to their strategy, and earning enough glory to be crowned winner of Chaos Order.

-6 Asymmetrical factions, each with their own leaders, attributes and victory conditions.
-A multi-faceted combat system that gives players some autonomy.
-Strategic mechanics at the heart of the game with a tight and interactive resource management system.
-Replayability thanks to variable configuration, 6 unique factions and a high level of interaction between players.
-The functional insert and 6 faction storage boxes make assembly and disassembly easy.

Number of players: 2 to 5
Language: FR
Age: 12 years old
Duration: 60 to 120 minutes
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