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In Come Together, you organize your own festival, using your volunteers to attract an audience and the hottest artists, build stages and camps, and gain publicity to make your festival the best ever!

Come Together is a worker placement game, but with a twist: when you place workers, you don't immediately win the card you just claimed. You must wait for a player to activate this location (which activates it for all players in this location). Players are constantly faced with significant dilemmas: One dilemma is whether to claim a card or activate a location. The timing of activation can be crucial. Another dilemma is whether to claim the card you really want or claim a less attractive card in order to gain more publicity by joining players in another slot.

The game comes with 35 uniquely illustrated featured artist cards, cards with special powers (on the back of the starting stage cards), 146 additional cards, double-sided player boards with asymmetrical powers on the back , 90 printed meeples, 60 printed worker tokens, 18 printed Flower Power tokens and much more.

Number of players: 1 to 6
Language: EN
Language: FR
Age: 14 years old
Duration: 60 to 90 minutes
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