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Players take on the role of a wizard's familiars, tasked with saving and raising a displaced princess. They must protect her from the evil forces that would like to see her die, but when it comes to children, it's not enough to just survive! Familiars know that every choice they make will affect the young in their care. If they are victorious and the throne is regained, what kind of woman will sit there?
Players will explore a massive world through the pages of a fantasy storybook, filled with branching paths and memorable characters. Collect resources on your travels to craft powerful items, weapons and armor.

An innovative card game system allows players to evolve their pets by creating and customizing their skill decks. Experience a fantasy epic spanning a decade, professionally narrated, fully scored. Easily downloadable for Mac and Windows, this browser-based application is required to play Familiar Tales.

  • Language : French
  • Age : 8+
  • Time : 45-60 min
  • Numbers of players : 1-4
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