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Investigate and thwart the zombies 

Flashback is an image-based investigation game. All together, you travel into a memory frozen in time. Starting from a first image, a first point of view, you can see everything that the other characters see and even certain objects, like cameras. By accumulating all the points of view, you will gradually understand what happened and you will clarify mysteries to answer the questions that will be asked of you. Understanding the past may allow you to change the future and save the world from brain eaters!

• An investigation game for everyone, with no text to read 
• Three replayable scenarios! 
• A very popular universe (Zombie Kidz) 
• Magnificent illustrations
• Real surprise gadgets in the hardware 
• First evolving investigation game

Age minimum: 7
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 4
Game duration: 30

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