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A “Tower Defense” in the Mountain

The game takes place in three rounds called waves. At the start of each wave, you upgrade your ancestry, a set of symbols determining your abilities. On each of your turns, you take actions to place your trolls in the caverns (by facing your rivals and fighting gnomes) as well as to add trolls to the board, manipulate the gnomes and influence powerful champions so that they join your faction.

During the game, you will gain honor by defeating gnomes, falling gloriously in battle during invasions, and benefiting from the abilities of certain champions. At the end of the game, the player with the most honor wins!

• Immerse yourself in the world of the Mountain King's Lair
• Unique abilities of champions that can change the course of the game
• A single player mode included directly in the box

Number of players: 1 to 5
Language: FR
Age: 14 years old
Duration: 90 minutes
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