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Obsession is a European-style, Victorian-era strategic board game that tasks players with carefully managing their household staff, house renovations, social relationships, and the family's emerging reputation in the county.

England, mid-19th century. Obsession begins with you running a run-down country house; many rooms have been closed off to save on maintenance and heating, the grounds outside are unmaintained and the façade is, in places, in desperate need of restoration. It's a long way from the estate's glory days, but you have new hope. A significant inheritance made it possible to restore the old estate and reestablish the family's reputation.

In Obsession, your countryside estate is represented by a series of game tiles depicting rooms and outdoor spaces that have been renovated. These renovations allow the family to hold social activities - fox hunts, music recitals, formal dinners, grand balls - while improving your family's reputation in the county and unlocking special abilities.

Number of players: 1 to 4
Language: FR
Age: 14 years old
Duration: 30 minutes per player
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