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Adventure is calling! Monsters have spread across the land. As a hero, you will have to conquer dungeons, defeat your enemies and defeat traps. Of course, you will enter the dungeon with basic equipment and find your loot by searching it.

Choose the slayer or the alchemist, explore the lands of the golem, fight wisps or razorbark. But watch out for their poison!

Forest of Shadows adds new heroes, dungeons, enemies, traps and makes your adventures more dangerous with a new type of injury: poison. The guard at the end of the dungeon will not be kind to you if you delay... The dungeon search will be different each time with your character having to equip in order to survive. The deck of cards consists of varied enemies and encounters to face. Each card describes both the obstacle to be overcome and the rewards received once it is overcome. You can use it either as an experience, as an object, or as a skill and place it accordingly near your character. The longer you stay in the dungeon, the deeper you go and

the more the difficulty increases. At the very bottom, you will meet the guard. Survive and you will be a legend!

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows is a cooperative dungeon delving game for one to two players. It is an expansion and a complete game which can therefore be played entirely alone but also mixed with the original One Deck Dungeon. With two combo boxes, you can play with up to four players as a team.

Age minimum: 14
Minimum number of players: 1
Maximum number of players: 2
Game duration: 45

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