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3000 Ugly Men is a game of bluffing and combination construction set in an alternate universe of the Wild West. Create unique thugs using the clear card system, and use them to outwit your opponents. During the game, players take on the role of rival gang leaders trying to seize valuable technologies that the Travelers have left behind. Employ outlaws to build your posse, plan the perfect strategy, and bluff your way to victory! Who will control the destiny of the American Front?

Use transparent cards to create 3000 Mobsters, each with a unique name, images and abilities. Up to 50 of these characters are used in each game, ensuring increased replayability. 

Each turn, play a card from your hand, face down and use the skills related to the number on the card. However, you are not obliged to tell the truth. You will need strategy, an eagle eye and a good poker face to succeed. 

Advanced rules add a unique strategy to each faction! 

This simple, but not simplistic, game will please new and seasoned players alike. 

  • Language : French
  • Type of hobby : Beginner
  • Age : 12+
  • Time : 60-120 min
  • Numbers of players : 2-4
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