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The diversity of living organisms that populate our planet is astonishing. According to the theory of evolution, random mutations occur all the time, giving animals and plants new traits. These traits are then tested for through natural selection. Animals with beneficial traits spread better than others, expand their habitat areas and effectively protect themselves from predators and unfavorable conditions. These species dominate the ecosystem, while poorly adapted animals disappear.

Evolution. New World is an updated and expanded version of the base Evolution. Origin of Species game. It includes both well-known and new animal traits, complemented by exquisite descriptions and colorful illustrations. Food is now generated using Area cards and animals can use shelter to hide from predators.

Game Features:

Rules that are easy to learn and accessible
Fun gameplay that is suitable for a family audience, but is also appealing to geeks
Variable competitiveness (from family to fierce)
Scientific accuracy (game by Dmitry Knorre, Ph.D. in biology)
Entertaining references to real nature
Oversized cards with incredible illustrations

Number of players: 2 - 4
Playing time: 45 - 60
Recommended ages: 11+
Language: EN

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