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You have discovered a desert island! You decide to explore the area and go deeper into the thick jungle. But, what...?! Here, in the heart of the tropical forest, you come across nine mysterious chests! Could these be treasures? You approach, but you suddenly hear strange noises... You look around you: lots of little eyes are watching you from the undergrowth. A colorful toucan leaps into the air and lands on one of the chests: “Hello and welcome, young adventurers! he croaks. You have discovered the Island of Enigmas! If you manage to solve our puzzles, you will be able to open our treasure chests…” Other animals are coming towards you.
You have 6 puzzles to solve together! Each puzzle solved will give you access to one of the 6 golden keys which allow you to open the chests.
Will you manage to solve all the puzzles? What treasures are hidden in these chests?

EXIT is a game that takes on the sensations of “escape games”. Equipped with clues, materials and a decoder, your mission will be to get out of the game as quickly as possible.

• The DNA of the EXIT range in children’s version
• A game without destruction of equipment, replayable several times
• 6 types of puzzles that require deduction, observation and manipulation

Number of players: 1 to 4
Language: FR
Age: 5 years old
Duration: 20 minutes
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