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When you take a tile, place it next to at least one other tile in your display, then see if you complete any tasks on your tiles; each time you do it, cover this task with a token. Tiles contain 0–3 images and 0–3 tasks, each of which comes in four colors. A task can be for example a green 3, and to complete the task, the tile carrying this task must be part of a set of three tiles which have green frames, either directly or via an orthogonal connection chain with tiles which have green frames. green frames.

The tasks can be of two colors, for example red and brown, which means that both frame colors can be used to satisfy the task. Alternatively, a stain could be 4 yellows or 4 browns. There are also conditional tasks in which you must first complete one task before you can complete the second.

Auteur : Uwe Rosenberg
Number of players: 1-4
Duration: 30
Recommended age: 8+
English language
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