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In Habitats, each player builds a large animal park without cages or fences. The animals in your park need their natural habitats: meadows, bushes, rocks or lakes. The zebra needs a large area of ​​grass and some adjacent water, for example, while a bat needs rocks, bushes and water, a deer needs bushes and herbs and a crocodile mainly needs water. There is a snake, a baboon, a bee, an elephant, an otter, a lizard, a turtle, an eagle, a meerkat, a scorpion, a pig, a catfish, a rhino, etc., each with its own landscape requirements - 68 different animals in total. Habitats lasts three seasons, with each season giving each player 6-9 new tiles for their parks. Whoever achieves the season goal best receives bonus points, with a smaller number of points for second and third place. At the end of the game, each player scores points for each tile in their park depending on whether the requirements for that tile are met or not. Whoever scores the most points wins!

  • Language : English
  • Age : 10+
  • Time : 30-45 min
  • Numbers of players : 1-5
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