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The game introduces 10 innovative effects offering subtle tactical options and rich political decisions.

This opus invites us to understand the dynamics around the table and to seek a balance between aggression and negotiation!

The Empress will reward you but grant a favor to a rival. The Diplomat will invite everyone to cooperate in groups.

The Insurrection will eliminate the two adjacent cards provided you discard a point accumulated on them!

Oriflamme Alliance can therefore be played alone, or in addition to the first opuses, for even more strategy, bluff and betrayals!

Principle of the game

Each game turn takes place in 2 phases:

- 1st phase, the placement phase. As the game progresses, players will place cards next to each other, in the center of the table, thus forming the line of influence. The phase ends when all players have placed a card from their hand.

- 2nd phase, the resolution phase. This phase takes place in the direction of the line. Each player will choose whether to turn over their card or not to activate the card's effect. An unturned card accumulates 1 influence point each turn, these can only be recovered if the card is turned over.

At the end of 6 rounds of play, the player who has accumulated the most influence points for his family wins the game.

Age minimum: 10
Minimum number of players: 3
Maximum number of players: 5
Game duration: 20

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