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In Stone Paper Magician, the players are wizards who have just slain a powerful dragon. But the moment their eyes turn towards the treasure, a violent lust takes hold of them!

As their fingers slowly place to form arcane gestures, the dragon's lair suddenly explodes with screams and fury once again!
Each sorcerer will therefore have to use cunning and deception to determine which spell to cast on which opponent, while everyone will try to be the one who collects the most gold!

The highlights of the game:
* We find the universe of D&D, and players who know take great pleasure in casting mythical spells.
* The choice of target can trigger chain reactions, the more players there are, the more chaotic and fun it can be.
* Many spells available to ensure always different games.


Number of players: 3 to 6
Ages: 14+
Duration of game: 20 to 30 minutes
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