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Make Sandwiches, preferably good ones... And win the new season of Sandwich Masterclass!
A recognized chef, you are at the head of a food truck and have been invited to participate in the new season of Sandwich Masterclass! Can you quickly compose the best sandwiches to delight the jury's taste buds? Will you manage to respect the themes of the day? You will find out by participating in Sandwich MasterClass!

Quickly ! Catch the best ingredients to create incredible, delicious or wacky sandwiches, which will please other players or satisfy the theme of the round!

Speed, creativity and communication will be the keys to becoming the best Chef of this Sandwich MasterClass season!

A fast-paced game with simple mechanics
The game is played in 2 rounds. In each round, players, during a rapid phase, will have to quickly collect 9 ingredients from the pantry to put them in their baskets.

Each player must then, during a creative phase, create 3 sandwiches of 3 ingredients each: one to please their neighbor on the right, one for their neighbor on the left and a sandwich which must respect the theme of the round (the MasterClass, for example “Sucré Salé”).
Then it’s a communication phase, where everyone praises the merits of their sandwiches.

Finally, everyone chooses the sandwiches they prefer, whether for themselves or for the MasterClass, and thus awards points (stars) to the players who created them. 

Number of players: 3 to 8
Ages: 7+
Game duration: 20 minutes

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