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SCOUT is an escalation game in which cards have two potential values, players cannot rearrange their hand of cards, and players can pass their turn to take a card from the current highest-ranking deck into their hand.

Specifically, the cards are double-indexed, with different values ​​on each half of the card, with the 45 cards having every possible combination of the numbers 1 through 10. When setting up, whoever shuffles the cards must randomize to both the order of the cards in the deck and their orientation. Once each player has received their entire hand of cards, they collect that hand without rearranging any of the cards; if they wish, they can rotate their entire hand of cards in order to use the values ​​on the other end of each card, but again, they cannot rearrange the order of the cards in their hand.

On their turn, a player performs one of two actions:

Play: A player chooses one or more adjacent cards in their hand that all have the same value or that have values ​​in consecutive order (ascending or descending), then plays that set of cards onto the table. They can only do this if the table is empty (like in the first round) or if the expansion they are playing is of higher rank than the expansion currently on the table; a deck is higher if it contains more cards or if it contains cards of the same value instead of consecutive cards or if it contains a deck of the same quantity and type but with higher values. In the latter case, when a player overplays another set, he captures the cards from that previous set and places them face down in front of him.
Scout: A player takes one card from each end of the set currently on the table and places it where they want it in their hand in either orientation. Whoever played this previous set receives a 1 VP token as a reward for playing a set that was not beaten.
Once per turn, a player can spot, then immediately play.

When a player has emptied their hand of cards or all but one player has spotted instead of playing, the round ends. Players receive 1 VP for each face down card, then subtract one point for each card in their hand (unless they were the player spotted multiple times to end the game). Play as many rounds as there are players, then the one with the most points wins.

Number of players: 2 - 5
Playing time: < 15
Recommended ages: 9+
Language: EN

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