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In Silencio, all players form a team, a team that cannot talk to each other.

You each start with a hand of cards of four suits, and your goal as a team is to discard as many cards as possible - but each card played must have a higher value than the previously played card of the same suit. If a newly played card is the direct successor to the last played card of that color, then you tilt the card to show its dark side and suffer that card's penalty, with the green penalty, for example, forcing the next played card to be green while the blue penalty requires you to give another player one of the face-up cards available from the Oracle.

If a newly played card is not the direct successor to the last played card of that suit, then you place the card with the light side face up, taking the bonus depicted on that half of the card if you wish, e.g. example while ignoring the following. penalty or by placing a card from your hand face up in front of you so that anyone can play it.

Five shrines are in play – one multi-colored shrine and one of each color – and before or after your card is played for the round, you can choose to turn a shrine face down to use that color's bonus.

If you cannot play or have no cards in hand, you must pass, and if all players pass in turn, the game ends. Your score is based on the number of cards in all players' hands, with 0 being the best possible score. If you find the game difficult, you can include the tavern card which, several times per game, allows a player to give limited information about their hand; if the game is too easy, you can remove some or all of the shrines to eliminate these "extra" bonuses.

  • Number of players: 2 - 4
    Playing time: 15 - 30
    Recommended ages: 10+
    Language: EN
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