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Have you ever heard the sound of a giant monster attacking two tennis players in the middle of a match during a nighttime storm? No not yet ? Well, get ready: that might be what awaits you in Sound Box!

Sound Box is a cooperative game played over several rounds. The players' objective is to reach the end of the board track. In each round, a player takes on the role of the Listener and tries to listen to the Noise Makers with their eyes hidden. Each Noise Maker is assigned a Noise card. When the round begins, all the Noise Makers make the noise indicated on their card at the same time! When they are finished, the Listener must find the card that corresponds to each noise. The more noises he identifies, the more the team progresses. If players reach the crown, they win!

• A refreshing and frankly crazy party game
• A fun mechanic that triggers a joyous cacophony
• An ideal game for evenings with family or friends

Number of players: 4 to 7
Language: FR
Age: 8 years old
Duration: 30 minutes
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