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In Voidfall: Rise of the Void, find the tension, strategy and empire development specific to 4X, combined with the resource management, decision-making and absence of chance typical of German games.

At the head of a great galactic house, you lead your people through three game cycles by defining your strategic priorities, each cycle being able to be disrupted by an event that will modify certain rules. Use your Focus cards and optimize the order of your actions to triumph. Choose your actions, develop your technologies and advance on your civilization tracks to unlock advantages. You have the heavy responsibility of managing the infrastructure of your sectors, their population, and their production.

Choose how you will score points, get rid of the corruption that threatens your empire, and conquer new sectors by mobilizing up to five different types of fleets. Fierce intergalactic battles devoid of chance will pit you against the evil forces of the Void, or against your adversaries; To win, you will have to define a flawless strategy and prepare your forces carefully. May the best win !

- An epic strategy game, inspired by 4X
- Very little chance
- Several game modes: competitive, cooperative, solo
- 20 scenarios with 52 different galaxies
- 14 playable asymmetric factions

Number of players: 1 to 4
Language: FR
Age: 14 years old
Duration: 180 minutes


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